Sunday, 6 October 2013


Mike Scott-Hayward, UKIPScotland Chairman and former councillor for the East Neuk and Landward Ward, has condemned the decision by the Reporter in allowing St Andrews University to go against the local democratic will.

"UKIP, alone amongst political parties, it seems, believes that decisions of this import should be in accordance with the wishes of local people and local democratic bodies. Fife Council refused this. Clearly, the imperatives of the SNP government carry more weight than the human rights of those people who live within 2Kms of the site to have the full enjoyment of their properties under Section 8 of the ECHRA, part of the Scotland Act.

"And, more clearly, the provision of a huge subsidy, which many of us see as a bribe by the government, has not had an insignificant role in making the University decide it matters more than does St Andrews itself, and the people in the neighbouring area.

"It is difficult to describe the disgust which I feel for this excessive and wasteful bureaucratic decisions: all based on a political ideology driven from with the EU and sustained by weak politicians in Westminster and Holyrood.

"UKIP would remove the subsidies, being opposed to bribes taken form the pockets of energy users, and would vest planning decisions in a system of local democracy, with decisions taken in county at appeal by means of binding Swiss style referendum.

"My message to the developers, the University leadership, the MP and MSPs is that this is our backyard -not yours."

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