Thursday, 30 April 2015

Will a Unionist Coalescence in Scotland come too late?

The Unionist vote in NE Fife is deeply split between the Lib Dems (albeit diminished) and the Conservatives.

That split will let the SNP in.

Obviously, neither candidate can attract enough of the other party's support to succeed. Their coalition is a now thing of the past and, I think, as evidenced by the fact that their campaigns are led by their Scottish Leaders, both MSPs, not by Westminster candidates, that they are really simply laying their own ground now for the 2016 Holyrood battle.

Even then they would still split the Unionist vote though PR will help them get seats each. In the meantime, the lack of cohesion amongst Unionists backfoots us at Westminster. Will recovery by the time we fight Holyrood be possible? Will the SNP at Westminster damage the Union within months?

The time is coming for a Unionist coalescence in Scotland. Certainly , that'd be on the cards if separatism does befall us. I expect an anti-nationalist re-alignment will be a foremost consideration for many after 8th May.

Standing as an Independent, of course, I hoped that my party neutrality, and long record of commitment in NE Fife could be a rallying point. Any vote for me cannot worsen the existing split and is still an option for all Party loyalists to counter the SNP without voting for the "other" party. I am to the right of centre of course, on most issues on inter-national importance though a Conservative once "accused" me of being a "socialist" on things like Health and welfare - I suppose because I do recognize that state and society support is necessary for many.

Getting this of my chest will not be of much general good; it is probably all too late now as the Unionist champions are both convinced, in North East Fife, that they alone will secure 100% of the other's support.

Best advice is to vote for what you want - and it is possible that not all "yes" voters want a heavily socialist overspending back room patch up at Westminster.

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