Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fife - Chaos for Schools in North East Fife

Fife Council has fallen out big time with St Andrews University; their "dream team" idea to have shared facilities etc in a new school complex adjoining the University is proofing impractical....

The Council's SNP/Lib Dem coalition dumped ideas for two schools for the area despite manifesto promises, in favour of the University "deal".

In essence, Fife Council, as the Education Authority, has not got the foggiest idea of what the parents of children at Madras and Bell Baxter, many of whom bus in from the Tay Bridgehead area, want, or need.

I say that parents must be given a voice in this. From the chaos, some order may emerge if there is a survey or referendum of the parents.

That would give the Council wholly non-party political evidence on which to act.

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