Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's nearly time......

You should vote for UKIP for North East Fife because our policies would

• End the poverty trap with the combination of benefits and income tax plans
• Make no cuts in NHS frontline services
• Move to a universal non means tested Citizen’s Pension of £130 pw each
• Invest £1.5bn in new social housing immediately we are free of the EU
• Invest £3bn in the UK’s road and railway infrastructure
• Introduce binding local referenda on important major planning decisions
• End undemocratic planning targets in favour of local decision-making
• Old railway lines to be re-opened: a chance for St Andrews rail link.
• Abolish the Scottish Reporter: Local Referenda have final say.
• Bring RAF up to strength with extra 6,000 personnel
• Buy C17s, add 50 more Typhoons.
• Enlarge the tanker fleet
• Buy more helicopters and put Maritime Patrol aircraft back on track.

You should vote for me as I have shown my commitment as a long standing councillor and I am the only candidate who cares enough for North East Fife to have made my home here. I will work as ever without fear or favour.

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