Sunday, 29 April 2012

The EU alienates us

We, the Britsh electorate, need to engage the attention of our MPs on this. Start by reading UKIP policies, and join us. That will grab their attention.

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UKIP Manifestos Here said...

That's right !

How many people criticise UKIP, yet have never even read the policies?

People have pre-conceived ideas perhaps, but how many motorists know for instance that it is UKIP's local policy to provide more free car-parking spaces, and to remove non-essential speed cameras?

How many know for instance that it is UKIP's policy to reduce the charges on ratepayers, by reducing the salaries of Fat Cat Council Administrators, and by eliminating "politically correct" non-jobs, such as "street-football co-ordinators" in rural villages for instance.

You All do really NEED to READ the UKIP Local Manifestos, and stuff. There is a very good list of stuff on a special "Manifestos" page at the UKIPScotland Blog. I have seen the material myself, and can vouch for its authenticity !

You can read it too at this URL -