Friday, 22 June 2012


What atrocious behaviour by certain wind developers in Fife!

A group which claims, in the media, that it seeks to benefit the community with handouts,  creamed from the Governments' (yes, plural - the axis of the Coalition at Westminster and the SNP crowd at Holyrood) green ROC based bribery fund - purports to be representative, balanced and a fair forum. Yet they avoid any reference to the downside of any deals - the most unwelcomed of turbines they intend to erect in others' backyards.

This has to stop.

Who do these people represent? Who elected them?

Salt is rubbed into the wound by the Community Develpment Trust usurping the role of elected community councils - some of whom have taken polls which have shown that the turbines are not wanted - and indeed, even gulling some naive community councillors who should be even-handed, into wearing two hats - that of community councillor and that of community trustee - I have yet to hear of any of these people declaring an interest when contributing to assessing a "balanced" community view!

Who is watching them?

Why are MSPs and MPs, not gagged by the Planning Authority, silent on these matters, with few honourable exceptions?

You know what? I think it stinks.

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