Wednesday, 7 November 2012



The Leader and the Chairman of UKIP Scotland have announced that it is UKIP's intention to monitor fraudulant claims made by energy companies advancing plans for the erection and operation of wind turbines.

"We will do this and UKIP will report instances of any breach of the Fraud Act 2006, Chapter 35, Section 2, to the Police and UKIP will expect investigation and prosecution to follow, " Lord Monckton explained.

He had, as the Leader of UKIP Scotland, attended a private lunch hosted by UKIP Scotland's Chairman, Mike Scott-Hayward. They later visited the site of the wind farm at Little Raith, near Mossmoran, in Fife.
"This site is a good example of two big issues," said Mike Scott-Hayward.

"First, it shows two technologies in juxtaposition - one which represents a high energy density capacity industry, and the other, the wind farm, a low density energy system.

"It is becoming obvious now to even the most uninformed, people like many of our MSPs, that vast expanses of Scotland will need to be lost to wind farms in order to attempt to produce energy anywhere near the scale available form nuclear, oil, gas and coal. Wind is a wasteful, expense resource.

"Both technologies, secondly, do have a landscape impact - but again the contrast in how much land and the scale of the impact is marked. UKIP would scrap wind subsidies, repeal the Climate Change Act and abolish the Department of Energy and Climate Change. We can't go on with this wind energy stupidity."

Lord Christopher Monckton has been criss-crossing the globe challenging global warming orthodoxy. He is an expert on climate change science and policy. He said "My point regarding the Fraud Act is that it is against the law for energy companies or developers to misrepresent the facts in order to make a gain. They frequently falsely claim benefits arise from wind when they do not. Especially, they often make unqualified claims that wind farms will for example, provide power for several thousand houses. The implication is that will be for every hour of every day of the year - it is a blatant fraud, and thatb is a criminal act under the Fraud Act. We will expect the police to prosecute fraud."

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