Thursday, 14 February 2013

Now is the time to join UKIP

UKIP in Scotland is growing behind the scenes.  We are planning to form new branches and I urge people who have thought about it to start acting - the time to join UKIP is now.

Nigel Farage has been on STV again and this will awaken the printed media; they have ignored us for too long.    They cannot ignore our growing support - up to at least 8% now.

Hat's off to STV for opening up democracy - it is not for the chatteratti to decide who gets publicity. 
The role of reporters is to report, not to pontificate!

UKIP will breakthrough in Scotland at the next European elections. That is because we know that people want to escape from the EU, not from the UK.


Mike Haseler said...

Just as the SNP have to answer the question: how can you be opposed to union with England but not against Brussels", so UKIP have to answer the question: "how can you be for independence from the EU without being for independence from London".

Mike Scott-Hayward, Chairman UKIP Scotland said...

Perfectly simple: the clue is in the party name - the United Kingdom Independence Party wants the United Kingdom to have full sovereignty, to be free of the EU - in other words, to be British. That belief in the UK encompasses Scotland. For those who want to break up the Union, the SNP is the choice - a choice to be made democratically; but the flaw in that which the SNP proposes is the misuse of the term "independent". Salmond used to say "Independence in Europe" but that has a phony ring to it - but still is his intent. There is no such thing as Independence for any nation state within the EU - the sovereignty of nation states in the EU is being salami sliced away. EU bureaucrats have said that the days of the nation state are over – and they are taking over. Proof? Many examples but for one, ask why Britain, or indeed, the Scottish Parliament, subsidises wind energy obsessively? Bar UKIP, the political parties have accepted the EU and all its treaties and thus are bound by such diktats - the UKIP way is to leave the EU and make our own successes, or mistakes. Scots separatists are entitled to their belief that they'd be "better off” breaking up the UK - simply, UKIP does not share that belief. It is more a matter of where the heart is than just mind or wallet.

Mike Scott-Hayward, Chairman UKIP Scotland said...

I'd add a comment made by Plato, or words to the effect; No rational man is always reasoning. Sometimes, you can think too much.