Monday, 25 February 2013


Set off early on Friday to pick up Peter Adams, then on to meet Ross Durrance near the Black Isle. Enterprising trio then pushed on to Gills Bay to catch the Pentland Ferry with minutes to spare.

Great visit. Into Kirkwall where I went for an interview with The Orcadian whilst Peter and Ross set up in the Orkney Hotel. Our meeting started at 7.30 pm. I got one lapsed/forgetful member to renew at the outset and Peter handed out application forms to new supporters.

After fi...elding questions and at bit of pushing, saying I would not be content until we had a new branch, six of the delightful Orcadians there present agreed, with Paul Dawson taking the chairmanship. Delia Hall was effusive and enthusiastic and becomes the Teasurer and Secretary. Well to the fore was Robert Smith, our candidate at the last elections.

Next morning, after some happy post-meeting wassailing, Paul popped over and reported he had already recruited an additional new member! Happy, Peter, Ross and I set of for the return ferry, via a visit to the Italian POW Camp Chapel. Wonderful place.

And so to the Waterfront in Inverness where we had a good albeit rapidly convened UKIP meeting. I left encouraged by the enthusiasm exhibited and braced myself for the fast drive back to the Black Isle. Ross was at the wheel!

Ross chaired a meeting of our Highland reps, mostly addressing plans for our forthcoming Highland Event. Watch this space for more on that.

After the main business, I set to, gleaning that there were enough members present to form a committee for another new branch to be based on The Black Isle. I went on to suggest that the key players, Iain, Phillip and Ron, that they might like to start regular pub meetings.

We stayed overnight with Phillip and Christine, and I was delighted over breakfast to hear Phillip discussing which pub the new branch night adopt! Quick work. The beer must be good!

When I have my breath back, I will set of on another trip and hope to report the establishment of more new UKIP branches across Scotland. After all, the polls tell me that 8% at least Scots support UKIP - all I have to do is find them! All!
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Lizzieuno said...

Only 8% of Scots support UKIP and that is without any publicity for them in Scotland. What would be the percentage if more Branches were set up in Scotland? The SNP only got votes mainly as protest votes. They do not actually have a genuine mandate for their policies. Scottish Devolution was imposed on Scotland by Blair on the instructions of his EU Masters in order to make the UK ready for its European Regionalisation Policy to further the break up of the UK. Salmond's SNP Party is no different from the Europhiles of the 3 Big Parties in Westminster. Their agenda is break up the UK into the Regions proposed by Brussels or easy integration in to the Political Project of a Federal Europe.Unfortunately many people are not aware of the danger this constitutes in making us all good little European Citizens where we will all be dictated to by The One Party State in Europe.

Lizzieuno said...

if only 8% of people in Scotland favour UKIP without much publicity here, just think of the percentage with more publicity and Branches. The SNP only came to power with protest votes as voters were fed up with what was on offer after years of experiencing their Political self-interest. Now Salmond has joined them in his own political interests. They are ALL hell bent on breaking up the UK into European Regions for consolidation into the Political Project known as The Federal States of Europe where we will be governed by unelected appointed officials no different from the Politbureau of Stalin. A majority of Scotland are not in favour of being in the EU and it appears that only UKIP can save them from the Tyrany of the Super State who has laid claim to our nation by the lies and deceit of the Politicians without the peoples consent.

Lizzieuno said...
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Mike Scott-Hayward, Chairman UKIP Scotland said...

Lizzieuno - You are right - we are at 8% with only a handful of branches. That is why I am now working to encourage more to form. It takes a bit of courage to stand out from the crowd but we are becoming fashionable - watch this space, as they say, more branches are on the way!