Thursday, 21 March 2013

Date to Stop Salmond's Nonsense - 18 September 2014

Mike Scott-Hayward, Chairman of UKIP Scotland, has welcomed the announcement of a date for the referendum on what he calls Alex Salmond's motion to break up the UK, saying that it is time to put a stop to that nonsense.

"We now have a date for the day on which the SNP want to break up the UK, and to cede Scotland to Brussels. The date set, the 18th September, is the day on which Scotland will decide whether or not to give way to the separatists.

"UKIP will work to keep Britain United - we are better together and I can reveal that I have indicated our support to the Better Together campaign - in fact, I'd like Alastair Darling, who is heading it up, to address a UKIP gathering next month.

"It is important that we keep the United Kingdom and UKIP agrees that much with the parties in the Scottish Parliament who want that. As things are going, we are often ahead of the Lib Dems now, we may soon see UKIP sitting in that parliament. So it is time for Better Together to accept our support, though we do want more for the UK than they do - as we want sovereignty for the UK, freedom from Brussels. But fighting together for the integrity of the Uk will now come first; in the longer term we will get the chance to address the other big question - the EU.

"In the meantime, UKIP repeats its support of Better Together. We are gaining in influence and it would be best for us all that we are seen standing with Better Together - we will be."

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