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Mike Scott-Hayward
Independent Sovereign Democratic Britain

26 March 2015
Independent Britain
                Independent, to emphasise that British sovereignty shall no longer be shared or surrendered.
Britain Governing herself, not governed by any supra national authority – and therefore not in the EU.
Britain represented only by the British Government abroad and in all international organisations – such as the UNO, IMF, IMO, NATO, EFTA, et al.
Sovereign Britain
                The Sovereign-in-Parliament final arbiter over British Citizens
Democratic Britain
Democratic not Bureaucratic
·         Defence
o   SLBM based Nuclear Deterrent.
o   Carrier Force – cover roles across Atlantic/Mediterranean, Asian and Pacific regions.
o   Home Based and Quick Reaction Mobile Regular Forces.
o   National Service including Civilian Overseas Service and Volunteers.
o   Reserve Forces for Emergencies and to provide a Resilience Corps.
o   Commonwealth Links – establish Commonwealth Naval Task Groups/Squadrons etc
o   East of Suez Base/s
o   Strengthen the Royal fleet Auxiliary – emphasise on new additional Disaster Relief role, including hospital ships.
·         Overseas Aid and Development: 
o    Switch to predominance of assistance provided through Armed Forces, National Service, RFA and Civilian Overseas Service and Volunteers on development and aid  projects coordinated by FCO and MOD.
o   Minimal Financial Support through partial funding of projects delivered by British Companies
·         Security, Intelligence and Surveillance – better resources.
·         Immigration
o   Principle that the UK Border Controls and Immigration are wholly subject to the sovereign will of Parliament which alone sets and alters law and rules as required from time to time.
o   Immigration Quotas will be set when and if necessary based on impact on UK infrastructure and needs.
o   Refugees – People seeking Asylum will always be treated as special case with decisions taken under the Royal Prerogative.
o   Immigrants
§  People seeking permanent British Residential Status and Citizenship, either: 
·         Having British Roots:  Will become British Subjects and Citizens of UK and Colonies upon proof of connection which meets  criteria set by Parliament from time to time, or
·         Not having British roots but seeking full British Citizenship:  May become British Subjects and Citizens of UK and Colonies on application and meeting criteria set by Parliament from time to time, after 5 year qualification and contribution period during which time they must have held an appropriate Entry Visa.
§  People seeking Limited Residential Status (Renewable periodically), for the purpose of work, study or investment:
·         Entry Visa conditional upon holding proof, and continued applicability, of full medical insurance cover and proof of:
o   Employment Position covered by Employers Certificate of necessity and  remunerated sufficiently so as to ensure the entrant will be fully self-financing in respect of all own living, accommodation needs and of any admissible accompanying dependents; or
o   Fully funded University (or other approved establishment) place including full living and accommodation expenses or
o   Fully Self Financing in all respect, including medical insurance and ability to maintain investment or bank deposit holdings at level set from time to time by Parliament.
o   Tourists – Time limited Visas subject to proof of Medical Care Insurance and sufficient holding of funds for intended visit activities.
·         The Commonwealth. 
o   Renew emphasis on cooperation with Commonwealth in international affairs
o   Renew and encourage trade with and within the Commonwealth.  Propose a Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement.
·         Small Business:
o   Solution to Late Payment Problem – HMRC penalise late payers, via VAT returns.
o   Business Rates – based directly on premises size (area/square footage), not location, use, etc, in two bands: PLCs and SMEs
·         NHS: 
o   NHS UK – stronger Hospital Based structure with autonomous GP practices
o   Care Homes – sourced by Hospitals, from Council, Social, Charity and Private Sector (Nanny cannot do it all)
·         Democracy
o   Parliament
§  Cohesive Parliamentary Structure 
§  Westminster integrated with four National Parliaments – MPs sit at Westminster and in National Parliaments, with additional National Members for PR balance.
§  Repeal the Coalition clamp on motions of confidence and the fixed term restriction of democracy.
o   Recall - Simple system of by election called when 30% of registered voters sign petition.          
o   Binding Local Referenda: Council Decisions, including Planning Consents, overturned by referendum of voters in affected wards when appeal called by 20% of the relevant voters.
·         Smaller Government – Guiding Principle should be to not legislate unless doing so is only solution.
·         Housing – Remit of the National Parliaments but need for a UK regime encouraging first/single home ownership.
·         International Trade –Engage in full trading relationships worldwide with an emphasis on trade with the Commonwealth, EFTA and the USA.
·         Energy
o   Full mix led by nuclear with clean oil, gas and coal technology, fracking, tidal, solar and riparian power.
o   No subsidy, support or targets for intermittent wind or wave power but no bar to private development if Planning Consent, decided “in county”, is agreed. (See Planning).
·         Railways
o   HS2 becomes United Kingdom High Speed Railway (UK HSR):  Floated for public and private investment, build from both ends (and even the middle outwards), including Scotland and Wales.  Must have high freight capacity.
o   Encourage investment in new rail links using fiscal leniency.
o   Review Rail Franchises- longer term investments 
·         Personal Taxation and Welfare Support
o   Properly establish system as advocated by the tax Payers Alliance, whereby a choice between a Citizen Benefit and a Tax free Allowance, removes benefit trap and encourages people to take employment without facing claw-backs.
·         Space Exploration:  Tax free unsubsidized environment to encourage British ventures.
·         Human Trafficking:   Human trafficking has increased; it is abhorrent and a prime cause involves prostitution.    Prostitution cannot be stopped but a safer environment can be created to protect for sex workers as well and creating a disincentive, taking the profit out of human trafficking. 
o   Regulation a preferred,  safer and better route than unenforceable wholesale prohibition
o   License sex workers’ register, approved and held by local authority.
o   Human Trafficking (for any purpose) to carry minimum sentence of 10 years imprisonment without parole
·         Coalition- in extremis only – supply and confidence support
Mike Scott-Hayward

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