Saturday, 17 April 2010

The elephant in the room is the EU

The elephant in the room is the EU. Let us hope that the three wise monkeys will address the issue in their next debate.

The EU dominates our business rules, employment, health and safety – in short, EU directives and regulations, EU membership, loads us with costs– hampers our trade.

The EU per se costs us a fortune – hindering our economy. Our money is used by the EU to give our competitors the edge over us – infrastructure elsewhere is leaving ours behind.

Out of the EU, the money they currently give back to us can initially still be used as now – at less administrative cost and effort, but we can over time make those spends better match United Kingdom needs. And the net contribution beyond that which comes back to us will give us the room to breathe new life into our own British needs. Moreover, there is nothing to stop us agreeing a really free trade agreement with the EU, getting our seat at the World Trade Organisation back. We could seek to establish a Commonwealth Free Trade Area. And much else.

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Team GB said...

Future of Europe Convention debate-5/12/2002, motion S1M-3678, confirmed that Scotland is considered a SUB-member region of the EU. Jim Wallace then the deputy First Minister in Holyrood confirmed that, 'As a sub-member state administration of the EU, 80% of the functions devolved to this Parliament have a EU dimension, we enact and implement European legislation'. The correct name for Holyrood, as used in Brussels is, the Scottish Region EU Regional Assembly. Remember that when you hear the SNP talk about independence, or when you are thinking of voting for either Labour, Lib Dems or the Conservatives. Do not fall for the Lib,Lab Con. The only way to restore the sovereignty of our country is to withdraw from the EU, and as Mike says we can easily negotiate a free trade agreement