Monday, 19 April 2010

Stop the insanity blowing in the wind....

I support the comments made by my UKIP colleague Mike Arthur, MSc, our candidate in Dundee East. He points out that the revelation that 5,587 out of 18,531 sources quoted in the IPCC's 2007 report do not have the standing of proper scientific papers supports UKIP's scepticism of claims made that global warming is man-made.

UKIP opposes the taxes and subsidies which the energy market, in particular by directing "investment" towards unreliable 'renewables'.

Our policy opposes wind farms in general and we would require them to funded by the market. The market will find the most efficient solutions, from a wide choice, including nuclear.

Moreover, UKIP would establish a Royal Commission to determine the truth about man-made global warming.

Mike Arthur points out that "The lights will go out in a couple of years due to the closure of coal power stations under the EU's Large Combustion Plant Directive." Out of the EU under UKIP policies, that Directive would be repealed.

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