Monday, 19 April 2010

The European Union scores again - another own goal!

If proof were needed of the idiocy of the European Union we have it now. The airlines are saying it, normal people are saying it – UKIP is saying it: One size does not fit all.

Eurocontrol, coordinating airspace over Europe, has got it wrong, causing huge economic damage in an over-reaction to the threat posed by volcanic ash. Simple as that.

Of course aircraft shouldn’t fly through volcanic ash. I suspect that aircraft captains and pilots know that! The Met Office warns of bad weather (mind you, we need to have a review of the way they work – summer barbecues etc, come to mind) and can warn of areas in which volcanic ash clouds can be seen by satellite etc.

Then the EU steps in – in the form of Eurocontrol – and blanket bans commercial flying. Lunatics. The sooner we resume business as normal under a sovereign national government, the better.

Mike Scott-Hayward

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