Thursday, 22 April 2010

The three wise monkeys, Nick, Dave and Gordon...

The three wise monkeys, Nick, Dave and Gordon, offer no solution to the elephant in the room; the EU.

The EU dominates our lives with its hidden influences over our economics, trade, defence, borders, immigration, environment, employment regulations, excessive business and health and safety rules and already has 100% control over farming and fishing.

UKIP will withdraw immediately from the Common Fisheries Policy and we guarantee farmers no sudden loss of CAP payments on leaving the EU.

Tax and NI: You pay 20% tax and 11% NI on everything over about £8000 - with UKIP, NI will go, and only after you earn £11500, we’d have a flat rate tax of 31%; this takes 4.5 million lower paid people out of tax altogether.

UKIP wants Britain to regain three essential freedoms by leaving the EU:

Freedom of Action, so we control our borders and no longer grovel to the EU for permission to save our Post Offices, factories, etc.;
Freedom of Resources, keeping the £16.4bn p.a. in cash (£45m a day) currently sent to Brussels and spending that money in the UK;
Freedom of the People, with real power returning to British citizens from remote EU bureaucrats.

We must regain our Sovereignty. We can with UKIP.

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