Sunday, 22 April 2012

Big Tee

See the Express
Golf club gets the wind up over giant turbine.

If I told this at a dinner party, you would swear I made it up!

"Officials at the Royal Aberdeen, the sixth oldest club in the world, were horrified to see the 218ft mast go up just 40ft from the 14th tee.

"They claim they were not consulted and now fear it will affect the club’s status as one of the top 100 courses in the world.

“The turbine towers above the 14th tee, causing considerable disturbance to golfers when teeing off on one of the strongest holes on this ancient, classic, natural links.

“Easter brought out the first visitors of 2012. Their comments were ‘a great golf course in magnificent condition, but how did that turbine get there?’

“It is naive to think that the unsympathetic placement of wind turbines, onshore and offshore, will not impact considerably on organisations such as Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, which has quietly contributed much to the local community since 1780.”

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UKIPScotland said...

Please see also the report:
“Green energy target ruining Scotland’s Scenic
landscape,warn tourism and industry experts.
2008 report reveals chicanery ?”,
which is on the ukipscotland blog.
Some new detail, with particular
regard to Scotland. New “official”
reports and some startling conclusions,
yet the Scottish Government seem
oblivious to their own advisors
advice, and corroboration of the
bad news about windpower from many
other disparate sources.