Monday, 8 September 2014

No call for bad mouthing First Minister.

As a former Chairman of UKIP in Scotland, I am appalled at reports that Coburn, a UKIP MEP, speaking in London, called the Scottish First Minister a racist, and I deplore the language and rhetoric used by both Coburn and Thackeray, the current unelected chairman of UKIP in Scotland.  Being “in your face” is not the basis upon which a political party can build a respectable image.

UKIP proper has the right perspective on the key issue of British Sovereignty; the twin objectives of keeping the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland intact, and of regaining the sovereignty we have already lost to the European Union.  Those messages have created the momentum which is seeing the rise of UKIP as a major political party in the UK; indeed, the surge created brought its gain in Scotland too.  

Putting forward a positive message is needed; not the vindictive, puerile personal disparagement of elected government ministers.

A fine example of a positive pro UK message is one which, I have long advocated: That the United Kingdom’s MPs should represent us all both in Parliament in Westminster, and also in four national parliaments

It is as wrong to slate the First Minister as it was for idiots to mob Nigel Farage on the Cannongate in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, UKIP in Scotland is now gaining a less than palatable reputation; something which UKIP elsewhere has with increasing success combatted.   Little wonder that Better Together are concerned the modus operandi of UKIP in Scotland, and the distraction their rally may cause.

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