Saturday, 13 September 2014

World Security

An Independent Scotland might well not be a weak nation, will not be a poor state but will not gain top table status, especially if run by a centralizing, overspending and smug government.

The United Kingdom, broken up by the independence of Scotland, will doubtless be diminished, certainly in the short and medium term.  And that will have an adverse impact on world security and stability.

Any perception that the UK's break up weakens it, will weaken her impact and influence in NATO, multiplying the effect current force reductions.  The reality of Scottish Independence with the subsequent uncertainty over Trident basing will create a shock wave amongst  the allies, and some mirth to say the least in Putin's front office.

The UK's voice in the UN Security Council may be deemed to be toned down - and perhaps her veto questioned.

Scotland is not a colony growing up to make its own way in the world. Scotland is a partner in a Union that has been a world leader and possible the most successful force for good, security and stability, despite an imperfect past.  Churchill might have said that the Union might not always have been perfect, but it has made a most impressive contribution.

I hope Scots will not follow the narrow inward looking selfishness so smugly exuded by Salmond and his people.

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